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1. First, go to [Settings] > [Company] > [General Information] and ensure that all company information is filled in accurately as it will be displayed on your website.

2. Go to [Settings] > [Website & Online Booking Engine] > [Website]

In the [website URI] enter the name of your hotel seperated by a '-'. For example the Hampton Inn would be 'Hampton-Inn'.


3. If you would like to take reserversations directly from your website, click the check box that says [Enable Online Booking Engine].

4. Fill in the [About] section. This should be a description of your property including features of the hotel as well as nearby attractions, restaurants, etc. For a good example of a description visit here.

5. If you would like to display your property's TripAdvisor widget on your website, get your TripAdvisor ID by going to your property's TripAdvisor page and select the number after the 'd' in the URL. For instance - in the URL below it would be '258705'.

6. If you would like to use Google Analytics to track your website's traffic, please follow these instructions on how to get your Google Analytics Tracking ID. Once you have your tracking ID insert it into the field that says [Google Analytics Tracking ID].

7. We highly recommend connecting your website with your property's Facebook page. To do this insert your property's Facebook URL in the field titled [Your Hotel's Facebook URL]. For instructions on how to claim your property on Facebook go here.

8. I am sure you will want your customer's to know where your property is located! There is a page on your website to show people. All you have to do is put your map coordinates into Roomsy. To locate your latitude and longitude coordinates find your property on Google maps. Click the map. On the red marker that marks your properties location right click, and click [What's here?] a box will appear with the coordinates of your property. The lattitude for this property would be '28.386517' and the longitude would be '-81.563853'.

Copy and paste them into the indicated [Lattitude] and [Longitude] fields. To confirm you have done this correctly, simply go to your websites URL and click [Location]. Your property should appear on the map.

9. Scroll to the bottom and click on [Update].

10. You can see the website you just built by clicking on [Visit Website] link under [Website URI]


The next steps:

Update Images to your website: https://roomsy.groovehq.com/knowledge_base/topics/updating-photos-for-your-website

Update Logo to your website: https://roomsy.groovehq.com/knowledge_base/topics/updating-company-logo-for-invoice-and-website

Update Rate Plans for online booking: https://roomsy.groovehq.com/knowledge_base/topics/creating-a-rate-plan