- Click the 'Booking' Tab at the top of your screen.

- There are two ways from here you can create a new booking.

  1. Click the green 'Create New Booking' button or
  2. Click the box where the date and room which you want the booking to begin intersect, and drag your mouse to the date which you want the booking to end. 



-- If you clicked the 'Create New Booking' button select the dates the guest will be staying.

-- If you dragged your mouse on the calendar the dates will be there already for you.

- Select the number of adults and the number of children staying in the appropriate fields.

- In the box labeled 'charging with' select the rate plan you would like to use.

     *If you need help setting up your rate plans click here.

- In the 'Customer' field type the customers name. One of two things will happen:

  1. If the customer already exists, their name will show up and you can select them.
  2. Confirm all the customers existing information is corrrect and click 'Update'.
  3. If the customer does not already exist you will see this:

- Fill in all of the customers information and click 'Create'.

- Click the 'Save' button on the booking. 

- If the guest is a walk-in and is checking in right away be sure to click 'Check-In'.