In Roomsy you can define various customer types. We recommend having atleast three. Individual, Corporate & Group. This comes in handy with associating the customer with the right type of business

To view guest types go to [Settings] > [Reservations] >[Customer Types]



When you are creating a booking be sure to enter the name of the main guest first. After that add the name of the individual guest.


Then go to Accounting menu on the top of the screen and search for the main guest. 

Click on the search results and you will see that all reservations with the main guest as Deadpool show up. See Wolverine is hanging out with Deadpool so nice of them :). To narrow it down to the specific group, use the group id field to filter the results. Select all the reservations part of this group and then click Create Statement.


Here is what the statement details look like but it is a clickable link.


When you click on the Statement you will see all the reservations associated with it.

Once you have the statement ready you can get a few options, for example, to add payment or print the statement. 


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