One of the keys to a successful business in 2015 is a strong online presence. You should have full control over all of your business' pages on social media. This is a brief guide on how to claim your business on some key websites! 


To claim your business on Yelp click this link, and follow the simple instructions!


Next you will want to make sure you claim your business on Google! Click here and follow their instructions! 


Facebook is a great platform for promoting your business! Click here to get started claiming your Facebook page!

Trip Advisor

There is a very handy tutorial here that you can follow for Trip Advisor!


Now you might be wondering why it is necessary to do all this and the answer is quite simple. Search engine optimization. The more places you are on the internet the easier your business is to find when people search Google! So if people search for a "motel" in "your city"  your business will be at the top of the search results! We hope you found this helpful!