First, you need a Stripe account. :)

If you don't have a Stripe account yet, go to and signup for a new account.

You will need your bank information (most importantly, the information written on your business cheque such as branch #, acct # and bank ID)

Then, you can view your Live Stripe API Keys here:

Make sure you are not viewing any test data. And, the test data option is disabled. 


Then, enter the Stripe API Keys into Roomsy

In Roomsy, go to [Settings] > [Accounting] > [Payment Gateways] and select Stripe as Current Payment Gateway

Here, enter your Stripe's API Keys and Update.



Stripe recently introduced another step that needs to be enabled before you are able to start processing payments. 

Go to- 


From there, click on " Show Advanced Options"  



You will the option to Process payments unsafely. Activate it.


Your payments are not being processed unsafely as we use TokenEx (PCI compliant company and process) for tokenizing the guest credit card and use Stripe to process the payment. The language is more to reflect we are not using Stripe's service for storing as well and it "might" be an issue.

Once this option is enabled you will be presented with a dialogue box.

Select all the check boxes and from the drop-down box choose "Someone else built my integration". In the notes field, enter and then select "Process payments unsafely".


Once this is complete, you can begin storing customer's credit card information via Tokenization.


Next time you enter customer's credit card information in the customer information window, you will see a green [Tokenized] box appearing given that the credit card number that the customer provided is correct

Tokenizing Credit Cards through Online Booking Engine

You can also start taking customers' credit card information in Online Booking Engine by going to [Settings] > [Booking Channels] > [Online Booking Engine] > enable [Store credit card information, using Stripe]