Go to [Settings] > [Room Inventory] > [Room Types]

Click the 'Add Room Type' button

1. Name your room type. You will want this to be a brief description of the room such as 'Single', 'Double', 'Oceanview King', etc.

2. Make your acronym something that points to the name of your room type. For instance if your room type name is 'Single King Room', your acronym might be 'SKR'.

3. Set your limits for the amount of adults and children allowed in the room. This is especially important if you are selling the room online since it will be use to filter based on the guest's needs.

4. If you do wish to sell this room online, make sure the 'Display on Website' box has 'Yes' selected.

5. Fill in your room description. Keep in mind if you are selling this room online, this is what the customer will read about the room when using the online booking engine. 

6. If the room is being sold online we highly suggest adding a minimum of one image of the room. This way when the guests are browsing they can see what they are staying in. To add an image simply click 'Add Image'. Select your file. And click the green square in the corner to save it.

7. Click the 'Update Room Type' button and everything will be saved! Repeat the process for each additional room.